#101A Advanced Picking on DVD

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1. Lock cylinder design
In this first segment we will completely disassemble a Kwickset lock as well as demonstrating the proper use of the Kwickset cylinder removal tool. This will give you a good understanding of how most standard locks function on the inside along with several photo illustrations. It is important to have this understanding before one can effectively begin the process of picking locks.

2. Lock picking devices
In this segment we will look at a wide variety of lock pick sets as well as the Pick gun and electronic picking devices. We will also cover the new tubular lock pick which will open most high security tubular locks. We will be looking at a wide variety and styles of tension wrenches as well.

3. Picking techniques
In this segment we will cover the proper use of the various styles of tension wrenches and how to use proper tension depending on the type and style of lock trying to be opened. We cover as well the type of tension wrench used on most cam locks as well as cam locks with opposing wafers.

4. Pick selection
In this segment we go through the process of choosing the proper picks and a wide variety of picking techniques that will assure you success in becoming one of the best lock pickers in your new profession. I will share with you my personal techniques I have developed over the last 35 years as a first class locksmith. This section is critical to your success. We will be covering pin tumbler as well as wafer locks. We will cover the pick gun as well as the electric gun and I will show you how to become a pro with these amazing devices as well as showing you why 50% of most locksmith cannot use these tools effectively. Truly they are amazing devices. I will demonstrate these tools and teach you to become an expert with them.

5. Plug spinner function
In this segment we cover the proper use and function of the RY57 Plug spinner and various other styles which are on the market to day.

6. Using the tubular lock pick
In this segment I will teach you to effectively use the Southern Ordinance professional tubular lock pick and teach you various techniques in become a pro at mastering this amazing tool.

7. What if you can't pick the lock open
This is the section that you will really enjoy! Don't think that a locksmith can open every lock. In this section you will see me actually drill open a dead dolt lock that was unable to be picked. It was a bear to say the least but I felt it necessary not to cut the video and re do it to make it look easy. I want you to see the real world and learn to not give up! There will be times you will be unable to pick the lock open and this process you will need to know.

8. How to open commercial Adams Rite locks with a high security collar If it cannot be picked.
This section is a must for you to know because you will with out a doubt encounter this problem. I have personally encountered this situation many times and will teach you this process.

9. How to drill buffalo circular security padlocks.
Buffalo circular security padlocks are found on most self storage units. They can be very challenging to pick open. On this video I teach you two very easy ways to bypass this lock.

This video is the newest and most up to date lock picking course on the market.

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