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This is our payment plan for our full LVS Locksmith Training Program with tools, Click here to read a full description.

Unlike most locksmith training courses offering you financing, Such as $1 to $20 down is not the real world.

These are textbook based programs which usually use Bill Phillips book as their training guide or a combination of locksmith material compiled together to resemble a training program. They offer no tools or technical support. They are not Locksmiths regardless of what they tell you over the phone. I encourage you to follow your gut instincts.

The reason we charge a $350 down payment is that we do include quality tools keying kit etc. We ship you the entire program at once.

We do not break your course up Into small segments.

In breaking up a locksmith training program into small sections makes the learning curve extremely difficult. Eventually, you will hit Information overload or burnout altogether.

Upon your final payment, we will send you Bill Phillips book on locks and locksmithing, a $40 value as a gift from us to you. But you do receive our own custom workbook and manual that follows  along with each course, tools, Certificate and full ongoing technical support.

When purchasing our LVS Locksmith Training Program with tools Using our financing plan, please use the order button at the bottom of this page.

Here is the No interest financing break down:  The total cost of our entire program. Is $750 which includes free shipping.

The course is divided up into two payments with one initial down payment.

Down payment:  $350.00
2 monthly payments of $200.00


Financing is not available to customers outside of the US.
When financing, no coupons, sale pricing or discounts apply.

By using this order button you agree to the terms set forth above.

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