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Q. Why Should I purchase LVS Locksmith Training Program?
A. The Locksmith business is very hard to convey in a written text format alone. You need to see it being done, and do it via hands on for yourself. Our program does exactly that.
It is a lot easier to learn any skill of a technical nature this way. You are given a Manual and Workbook that has been written by myself your personal instructor, around each of the courses covered on your flash drive.
Over the years I have heard from hundreds if not thousands of individuals who have tried to learn these skills out of a book or stacks of DVDs; Consequently they encounter information overload.
All of them, without exception have told us the same thing.” I just can't put all the pieces together”.

In the past textbooks were just about all that was available. Then along came DVDs. or what I like to refer to as information overload. We are now in a completely different generation and things are changing rapidly. Today's technology can be used in a very positive way if applied properly. And the student is taught The things that are critical to his or her success in this field. If you would like to talk further regarding our training program you can call me at 702-558-9012 or 435-767-8683. 

Q. Do you have financing for your course?
A. Yes the financing Is available by clicking here.

Q. Is your locksmith training programs adequate to train our maintenance personnel to maintain the locks in our own facilities and or become self employed?

A. Yes, we started producing locksmith instructional media in 2001. We have had hundreds if not thousands of Individuals, School districts, Government agencies, and Property management companies purchase our products for this purpose. Our LVS Locksmith Training Program is updated yearly to accommodate any new technologies available to our industry. Including an annual Flash Drive update of new pertinent Video and PDF. files.

Q. How long would it take an individual to become proficient in the field of locksmithing?
A. This is a very hard question for me to answer honestly because I do not know you personally. I have seen highly motivated and technically smart individuals complete our entire program in 30 days. And began earning an income. But this is by no means the norm.
It depends on your ability to retain information and not to get distracted by information overload. Thus the reason for our Manual and workbook. It will keep you focused on the things that are critical. A more realistic time frame would be a couple of months. It would take you three years working with me to accumulate the information you will learn in our program.

Q. What Licenses do I need?
A. Each state or country has its own requirements. You need to contact the city you live in and apply for a locksmith business License. If your intent is to become self-employed. They will inform you of what your location might require if anything. That's all there is to it. Some city's require a background investigation and some do not. Some require a contractors License and some do not. Some require a state License as well as a business License and certain insurance requirements and some do not. They are more concerned about your criminal history, licenses fees and taxes. Upon requesting a business license application packet, everything your city or state requires will be listed. If you need help with understanding what is in the package I would be more than happy to help you.

Q. What will we need to purchase tools and supplies?

A. If you choose to purchase any of our LVS Full Locksmith Training Programs there is a inventory tool and supply list in your manual, along with suppliers that will sell to you.

Q. How much money do you need and what would my income potential be?
A. As little as $1,500.00 and as much as $5,700.00 this is a hard question to answer. I can only share with you my personal experience. I started with $4,000.00 which I used to build out my van and purchase tools and inventory leaving virtually no operating capitol and still was able to bring in over $3,000.00 my first month in business. I have known other Locksmiths to start out with much less and still do very well.

Your income potential is determined by you ability to market your business not so much as how good of a locksmith you are. I have seen just an "OK Locksmith" make upwards of $5,000.00 in a month. It really is all about good marketing, big accounts, and your willingness to give good service to your customers. Always remember honesty, courtesy and integrity is always the best rule.

Q. How much money do you believe our company could save by doing our own in house locksmithing and what tools would we need to purchase?
A. Then again, this is a very hard question to answer. On the average, locksmiths charge anywhere from $100.00 to $150.00 per hour. Depending on the services requested. Most of the outside contractors as a rule do not figure jobs based upon an hourly rate. They usually price them by the piece. Through my course I described this process in depth.

here is a short example:
Let's say you are called out to Re-key a property, which has 10 doors. Depending upon the area in which you live your pricing structure may vary. In my manual we discuss pricing and how to figure out what to charge, but for now let's use these figures.

Service call: $75.00
10 Locks Re-keyed: 10 X $10.50 = $105.00
25 Keys: 25 x $2.75 Ea. = $68.75
Your total invoice minus sales tax would be $248.75

The cost to you of your 25 Key blanks would be around $2.10. As you can see the profit margin per invoice is huge the main reason for figuring your prices by the peace is that this job should have taken you less than one hour. The key to making money in the locksmith industry is speed. The faster you are the more money per hour you will make.

I personally know locksmith's that are so proficient that they will do a job, go eat lunch and then come back and write the invoice.
I recall a customer that said to me once, man you were here only 30 minutes and this invoice is outrageous. I said to him why are you penalizing me for being good at what I do. I have been doing this for years and am extremely fast and proficient. Look at it this way at least you didn't have to sit in your hot car waiting for me to finish.

I don't encourage you to say such a thing, I was very young and a little arrogant. not really realizing that I was about to cost myself a good account. Sometimes it is knowing what not to do or say that makes you successful.

So I think the answer to this question can cover two birds with one stone. To the company owner train your maintenance department so the $248.75 invoice will only cost your company the hourly rate you are paying your maintenance man. If you use an outside locksmith understand that if he is fast and proficient you can rest assured you have a first-class locksmith.
In regards to tools; With the exception of a few specific specialized tools your maintenance department already has 90% of them.

As a self-employed locksmith remember being organized and fast at what you do will make you a substantial income. And the customer is always right :-) even if he's not. 

Q. What support do you offer?
A. As stated in our demo video on the homepage, technical support is delivered via your smartphone. Click here to view a video of a student calling in for technical support.Once you have purchase our full locksmith training program I give you my cell phone number. Simply take a digital photograph of the lock in question and text it to me, and then call me and I will walk you through fixing it. This technical support is available to you as long as you need it. Most new locksmiths will use this service frequently their first year,  however it is always available to you.

Q. What is your Return and or cancellation policy ?
A. Because of the ease in which digital media can be copied all sales are final, I am only able to offer a replacement policy.

Q. Do you ship overseas or to APO and or military installation addresses ?
A. Yes, however once our product is delivered to the U.S. Postal Service delivery times are out of our control.
If it is a APO address you will need to call me to make arrangements.

Q. How can I be assured you are a real person:)
Call me and let's talk:) at 702-558-9012

Q. What format are your Videos on the flash drive in?
A. They are in HD MP4 Videos

Q. Is locksmithsvideoschool.com a post-secondary educational provider?
A. No. I am a locksmith with years of experience. 17 of which has been producing and training locksmiths. I become your mentor and friend. Training you in the field of Locksmithing.

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