What are depth keys?

Depth keys are a ring of keys with the same cut all the way across the key, one for every depth. For example Kwikset keys have 7 depths in its series. Key 1 would have 1 cuts all the way across in all 5 positions. This enables you on a standard key machine to cut a 1 cut in any position on the key. So if the key you were trying to cut was 54354 you would start with the #3 depth key and cut 3s all the way across the key to start, then take the #4 depth key and cut a 4 cut in the second and fifth position on the key. Then take the #5 depth key and cut it in the first and fourth position giving you a kwikset key with the cuts 54354. It's that simple. Or the other alternative is to purchase a 1200 MC HPC code machine costing around $2200.00. Just starting out few have the funds to purchase such a machine so depth keys are an inexpensive solution. On our code cutting and key duplication course I go into depth on how to use them and other cool uses for depth keys.

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