#105 Learning the Locksmith Business

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Course Content

This course is a must. It is packed with marketing tips and the marketing system I designed over some 40 + years of running and marketing my own locksmith service company. Most locksmiths will build a small website or run an ad in the Yellow Pages and starve for their first two years. With this system you will be up and running quickly guaranteed,

Ninety percent of the success of any business is knowing what not to do. Everything from purchasing the wrong inventory or tools to staying away from certain advertising that does not produce jobs.

Regarding Van setup: In this section of the course you actually see and learn how to set up your vehicle everything from the inverter, battery isolator to cabinets to your workbench and key machines. My personal opinion is this one course is worth the cost of my entire program.
Once you have learned the handful of skills it takes to make money in this business it will all be about good marketing

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