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#52 Inventory Tool and Supply List


Inventory Tool and Supply List "This list is included with the Basic course, Advanced course and Advanced plus course."

This is a four page list report which includes prices for inventory and tools, along with a locksmith suppliers which
will ship world wide.

This list throughout the course is used in two ways.
1. Whether you choose to use a van, pickup or what ever type of vehicle to service your customers this list shows
you all the inventory you should carry and in what quantities.You do not need to purchase all of the inventory on this list.
However by not doing so it will mean making trips to Home Depot to purchase lock hardware. If you are starting your
business on a budget the items that are critical are marked with an asterisk.

2. When studying the Course curriculum you will want to have this list handy because it lists all the specialty tools I use on
all the video lessons including various suppliers.

When starting out in the locksmith business it is vital to know what inventory and tools you should have on your van,
and what quantities. This will save you an enormous amount of money by not purchasing unnecessary inventory or
purchasing to many of one product. This list is very extensive; it covers every thing from cam locks to key blanks.
Knowing the proper equipment as well enables you to do jobs quickly and efficiently.

The accuracy of this list stems from my personal experience of over thirty five years as a professional Locksmith.
Half the battle is knowing what and what not to purchase and what quantities. When I first started out in this business
a list like this could have saved me thousands.

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